What Can You Buy With Crytocurrency?

btc-1Some few years ago, finding a bitcoin-accepting merchant for the items you wanted was always a challenge or even impossible. Nowadays, there are many online e-commerce sites accepting bitcoins in exchange for goods and services. You can find bitcoin-accepting merchants through aggregator sites and marketplaces. It is even possible to locate bitcoin stores in any geographical area where you can spend your digital currency. So, what can you buy with this pseudo-currency?

Once you have acquired your digital currency, you will want to spend it at some point. There are various ways to spend your bitcoins, and they are:Buying physical thingsMany online e-commerce sites are accepting bitcoins as a mode of payment. For example, Dell that is a multinational computer technology specialist started accepting bitcoin for buying PCs.

Hotel and property

Some hotels have already started accepting bitcoin for all hotel bookings. The crytocurrency community has welcomed this with hope that they will be saved from having to visit currency exchanges and pay their fees and commissions. There will also be no need to carry much cash around.

Payment platforms

Payments platform providers are starting to roll out bitcoin services where merchants will be able to accept payments in bitcoin through other means like PayPal and credit/debit cards. PayPal announced its partnership with three major bitcoin payment processors, and this means that online merchants will be able to accept bitcoin via Coinbase, GoCoin and BitPay through its PayPal Payments Hub. This product will enable customers to accept mobile carrier payments and credit cards through a single integration.

Buying services

There are many companies that are accepting bitcoin in exchange of services. Such companies include DISH Network, which is the US satellite service provider. It is also possible to pay for education with bitcoin. Even social sites and matchmaking sites have started accepting Bitcoin for their membership subscriptions.

Bullion traders also accept that bitcoin is a great tool for promoting interest in financial responsibility. Another way to spend digital currency is through online marketplaces and auctions.

Those are some of the ways you can spend your digital currency. If you do not want to sell bitcoins instead of spending, you will need the help of professionals. This is because selling digital currency is not as straightforward as buying.